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Cultivating medicinal plants & landbased relationships

Join Larkin of Forest Heart Botanicals for a 2-hour video class that teaches you how to grow & use medicinal plants.

Learn when to harvest each plant, and how to make medicine from it. Learn about the growing conditions each plant likes, how to propagate and take care of them, and some of their medicinal uses.

We’ll look together at ways to unravel exploitative relationships with the land as we tend our gardens, and ethics surrounding herbal medicine from an anti-colonial perspective.



-Intro (11 mins)

-Valerian (4 mins)

-Chamomile (5 mins)

-Elder (5 mins)

-Arnica (5 mins)

-Yellow Dock (2 mins)

-Plantain (2 mins)

-Motherwort (6 mins)

-Echinacea (5 mins)

-Skullcap (7 mins)

-Peppermint (6 mins)

-Lemon Balm (5 mins)

-Black Cohosh (6 mins)

-Solomon's Seal (6 mins)

-Angelica (5 mins)

-Passionflower (6 mins)

-Milky Oats (5 mins)

-Mallow (5 mins)

-Wood Betony (5 mins)

-Blue Vervain (5 mins)

-St. John's Wort (4 mins)

-Ashwagandha (5 mins)

-Outro (1 min)


$10 of each video purchase (33%) goes to a local Indigenous resurgence project, Xwaaqw'um ( Check out their awesome work!


Watch the trailer:

Medicine in the Garden workshop

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