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I was very impressed with Larkin's knowledge of such a wide variety of medicinal plants, and also his willingness to provide suggestions and medicines that worked in my life. Larkin asked many questions and got to the root of the issues I was experiencing in a wholistic way that I really appreciated.

Bonnie Klohn

Larkin was compassionate and knowledgeable. I enjoyed speaking with him and feel comforted and cared for whenever I make one of the teas he's crafted for me. I really appreciated Larkin's awareness that plants have the ability to harm as well as heal, his honesty about their limits, and his commitment to safe wildcrafted products.

Susannah T

I know very few people who wildcraft the medicines they make. The time and skill that goes into collecting herbs at the right time of year in the right place, then drying them or doing whatever magic he does to make them into medicine, is phenomenal. It seems impossible to put a price tag on the amount of love and knowledge that Larkin puts into all the things he makes. I love seeing the photos of his processes on his social media and his website - and hearing his stories about it when I see him! Thanks for everything!

Brett Mason

The medicine I have received from Larkin has been wholeheartedly nourishing (and effective!). The Fill Me With Minerals tea was tasty and nutritious; the aphrodisiac potion gave me a boost of sensual energy (and I want to try it again!); the Heart & Spirit tincture was something I initially bought for a friend, but ended up being drawn to it and using it to hold and process grief and loss (and continue to use, today); and the Chickweed salve helped to heal an eczema flair-up within 3 days of using it. I am looking forward to connecting with Larkin for more of his medicine. He has an innate ability to connect with nature and connect with others, linking the medicine we need from each other.

Sage T

The Heart & Spirit elixir had an immediate effect on me as few medicines have, to be honest. In a time of deep grief, loss, mourning, heartbreak and transition, just a drop on my tongue infused me with a genuine sense of relief and release centered at the heart that then emanated throughout my body. The message was a simple one: that I am ok and safe even within this suffering, that, no matter how hard and painful, everything does indeed pass. I started taking it daily throughout this period and it saw me through to the other side of the tunnel. An absolute gem from a truly gifted herbalist!

Aurora P

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