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Announcing Forest Heart Botanicals Scholarship Fund

Hello clients, friends & all:

We are so excited to announce the launch of Forest Heart Botanicals’ Scholarship Fund.

Starting today, there will be an option to donate to making Forest Heart Botanicals’ work accessible to those with financial barriers. What this looks like is: you emailing/messaging/calling/texting and telling us you want to donate (cash, etransfer, credit card & PayPal accepted), or you purchasing a donation amount through the web shop. Any amount is welcome! All donations will be kept in a separate account and tracked, and released when someone who can’t afford our services or medicines is in need of them. Priority will be given to disabled, BIPOC, trans* & Two-Spirit, & otherwise marginalized members of our society.

Check it out & donate today. Social barriers & oppression create health issues, while also blocking so many people’s access to care. Donate to help get this care to the people who need it.

Thank you!!

Please spread the word.


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